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What is Kalodata and why should I use it?
Kalodata is a data analytics and insights tool for TikTok shop. By providing information on trending products, talented influencers, trending short videos, quality livestreams, market research, competitive analyses, we can help TikTok shop sellers/brands/creators/affiliates make better and data-driven decisions to increase their sales and revenues, as well as boost the efficiency of day-to-day operations.
How does Kalodata get its data, and how accurate is it?
Kalodata gathers TikTok e-commerce data by having our tech team collect information from public channels. We then use advanced AI models and data processing techniques to refine this data. Keep in mind that certain details, like transaction amounts and ad spending, might have small variations from real-world numbers. With our models getting trained and updated daily, the accuracy of our data is continually improving. Our main goal is to help users discover products, stores, and content that are worth exploring, learning from, and getting inspired by, enabling them to shape well-informed business strategies. However, it's important not to use our data in situations requiring high precision, such as partner commission settlements or performance evaluations.
What is the background of the team?
Our management team came from TikTok's global e-commerce division and were the key members in the development of TikTok Shop from the beginning. Additionally, our core team consists of professionals with extensive experience in data analysis, social media, and marketing. The team members have served renowned enterprises and institutions and possess successful project experience and industry insights.
What is the pricing of Kalodata?
Does Kalodata have an affiliate program?
Yes! We welcome content creators and community leaders to join our affiliate program. Pleasecontact usfor more details.